*Available for licensing.  All edit my paper online other tracks are either available through 3rd party music production libraries or were created grade my paper editing services on a work-for-hire basis. Please contact Ridgeline Sound if you have any questions regarding licensing.

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Falling In *
On The Approach *
Time To Hit *
My New Bike *
Ankle Buster *
Thug Out *
Overcoming Wonder *
Approaching The Distance
Bide My Time
Mystery Gift *
Living Liquid *
Secret Fit *
Cracked Thoughts *
Oceanic Offering *
Blue Skyline *
Mature Dreams *
Pitter Patter *
Where We Are
Setting The Stage
Planning The Murder
First At The Crime Scene
Back At The Lab
Back Yard Grave
The Case Develops
Dark Alley
Detective Breakthrough
In Pursuit
Intruder Part 1
Intruder Part 2
Investigation Makes Headway
Late Night Evil
Case Closed
Hornet Invasion *
Big Drum Chase *
First Day – Intro *
First Day – Credits *
Slash And Dash
Flip Flop Boy
Silk And Satin
Brass Statues
Eastern Fairy Dust
Long Nail Dancer
Sitar Roadtrip
Sleeping Cobra
Bangladeshi Bazaar
Delhi Drama
Grooving Ganesh
Eyes Of A Pharaoh
Soothing Sultan
Bedouin Tale
Seducing The Sheik
Modern Muhammad
Dreams Of Hokkaido
Bento Momento
Miso Trance
Shiatsu Overdrive
Kimono Show
Temple Prank
Sandman Seduction
Himalayan Fantasy
Organic Origins
Empty Pyramid
Pacific Playmates
Goldfish Games
Pink Honda
Distant Lands
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