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Imagine the summer day to end all summer days – a supercharged stretch of time where everything is too perfect and you have no choice but to get outside and take full advantage. This is what our latest collaboration with The North Face is all about. The solstice represents that ideal day, officially ushering in the summer and offering the maximum amount of that sweet nectar called daylight. We chose to celebrate this ideal for our latest project and dreamt up an optimal day where not a minute would be wasted from dawn to dusk. ‘Max Your Days’ starts with a glimpse into an ordinary morning in the life of pro snowboarder and North Face Athlete David Carrier Porcheron, but quickly transitions into something entirely different when a Chevrolet Impala full of rowdy gapers pulls up to his house. Flash-forward through a blur of outdoor adventuring and you’re barbequing tofu hotdogs with a ukulele-playing Cedar Wright on the edge of a cliff above a churning river. Consider the day seized.

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